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CliamWarm in the quarter hit shoes Adidas Osillate Warm from the exterior view, the "warm" feeling obviously, the upper convex block design inspiration, from our method of down distribution in winter often wear down jacket, the raised position is exactly the place down the space.

on the Adidas Osillate Warm, these positions are warm, upper material position, to ensure the temperature inside the shoes. In addition, the height of the tongue after adjustment, compared with the ordinary summer shoes is higher, can cooperate to resist the cold pants running from the front. The warm air holes at the foot of the arch can allow a certain amount of air to enter into the shoes to exchange and warm the air in the shoes, which ensures the temperature and ensures good ventilation. For the outsole, Adidas Osillate Warm uses the same spike technique as LA Trainer 11, which is a sharp edged, solid spike that allows the shoes to fit all weather conditions. The snake style outsole of CC Ride, which is the most successful ClimaCool running shoe this summer, provides sufficient softness and flexibility to ensure the comfort of shoes during movement. No one would ever think of making a down jacket for your feet. Adidas Osillate Warm is the first one. Adidas Osillate Warm will be fully listed on November 2011, with a proposed price of RMB 780.
our concern is not high New Balance 530 in the year has launched several new color matching, and the recently launched a new let us shine at the moment, grey suede fur fiber excellent texture, clearly visible in the recent shoes all belong to the rare class. earlier, an expensive jeans out of mud in the major social networking sites raged.

this is a life full of pain of jeans, denim brand Prps from New York.

you may find it difficult to accept such a hardcore jeans, but it is not a cowboy fancier. Many Hollywood stars such as Beckham, Tom ·, Keanu · and Mrs. Cruise; Reaves, Brad; · Peter are fans of Prps.
Mud jeans
the value of $425 in Prps which is only moderately priced, the most expensive to tens of thousands of Chinese currency.
What makes
so expensive?

is real.

and many famous cowboy brand is different, although there are Prps selling raw cattle, but it is the main water washing process for cattle, more elaborate and famous. Prps each of the jeans are like a piece of art, great impact and identification, exquisite and gorgeous.

but an expensive jeans in the end is how to do it? By what process? What is unique?

in order to solve the mystery, I deliberately went to the washing plant, reducing the water washing process a pair of Prps jeans, and field observation of natural faded jeans produced in different process and damage effect.

Prps the jeans while doing a large area of white and yellow, but from the legs and waist can see, its color is actually very dark, Zhahua made by washing the shallow water marks, and the hand acupuncture site had obvious contrast depth, the cat must through the folds of the stereoscopic formation. Between the lines and color transition nature, each block of dirty features, together is not abrupt, with each other to coordinate each other.

generally, formed to manual process and washing of a washing jeans, cat, hanging nail, grinding, blasting, spraying monkey belong to the manual process, wash, wash, pickling, leaven stone wash, snow wash etc. belong to washing process.

this is a raw cow. The cow is washing cloth with jeans is the original cattle processed.

(this is just to imitate the Prps version of the washing effect, cut flower bag please ignore it.)

& gt; & gt; & gt; & gt;
first, according to the Prps jeans picture showed cat.

(although PRPS jeans do a large range of white, but in the base or cat lines.)

also painted the folds including the thighs.

if the jeans are not smooth, need to use iron.

according to the length of pants draw cellular region.

hand in the cell area to catch stereo fold, and fixed the high temperature steam iron.

use the same method to catch whiskers >

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