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days ago, Adidas launched a Argentina national flag for color inspiration Messi15.1 football shoes for Messi, the shoes will help Messi in La Liga and the Champions League in the next period of time in the game. new color matching Messi15.1 uppers are mostly white, only on the heels of messiFRAME heel support and the use of blue on the soles of the skeleton. The second color Messi15.1 soccer shoes, which are visually bright, are expected to debut this weekend in Barcelona against Atletico madrid.
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movement must know "cramp", this is a phenomenon of local strong muscle contraction and mandatory, general duration is not long, the body will not bring great damage, but the cramp is that strong pain will make people miserable.

for the majority of the running friends, especially in the long distance running friends, the cramps must be deeply experienced. In general, the reasons that we know to cause cramps include too much exercise, too much sweating, too much exercise and overwork.

but do you know? The cold will also greatly increase the risk of running cramps. In recent days, the weather in Hangzhou suddenly turns cool and the temperature drops sharply. You are sure to keep running. How can you avoid cramping in the cold air? I will take you to Mr. Han stroked a stroke, you know!

why cold easily cramp?

first understands the reason of the cold cramp: when a runner runs in a low temperature environment, the muscles will increase their activity because of the cold external temperature. If they are not adjusted ahead of time, the muscles will appear as a general mechanical reaction. In the continuous low temperature stimulus, such "trembling" is produced continuously and overlapped with the previous reaction, forming the twitches of the muscles. When such muscle twitches are fused and maintained at the maximum tension, the muscular contractions are formed and accompanied by pain.
can prevent cold weather exercise cramps?

reasons are introduced, so how can we prevent the cramps caused by the cold movement?
What should
do when there is a cramp?

cramp is the movement of people often encounter the phenomenon, so when we cramps when running without tension, but note that if there is a cramp, runners do not immediately stop moving, but should gradually slow down and to a safe place to stop, for a sustained cramp pulling to pain disappear.

will give you a brief introduction to the solution of the cramps in the specific parts of the body. Remember that it has been needed!

1, arm cramp

holds the hand in the fist and tries to bend the elbow as far as possible, and then stretch it hard, so repeated several times until the pain weakens or disappears.

2, a cramp in the front of the thigh:

can stand in the absence of the body, find a wall or railing as support, standing on one leg, a hand support, upright leg side of the hand cramps in the leg to the ankle, stretching back above the thigh, 10~20s continued after a slight stretch to relax, to relieve cramps.

if the pain is strong, can not stand, can take a squat position or lateral position, with the same hand to seize the cramp in the leg to the ankle was pulled every time about 10s.

in the back of the thigh

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